Let me wobble to me corner…

So last night was the big fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. And I watched.


  • Am I boxing fan? No – I don’t really understand the allure of watching people punch each other.
  • A UFC fan? Well,  a little. Good friends are fans and hanging out with them on big fight nights is fun. And I became a Rhonda Rousey fan – I liked that women could headline a Pay Per View fight and she made me smile.
  • Fear of missing out? Perhaps. This was a hyped (and maybe overhyped) event with people around the globe watching. What if McGregor scored the major upset and I wasn’t watching?

In the end though, the main reason was friendship and fun. The same friends we watch UFC fights with hosted a fight party at their home. And on a beautiful summer evening, we sat on their deck and watched the undercard fights and finally the main event.

But beyond the hype and wondering if McGregor would start fighting MMA style (he didn’t and a part of me wishes he had), I knew I was with some of my favourite people. And that is the reason I watched the fight.

After the predictable (yet for me, unsatisfying) conclusion, we listened to the post fight interviews. And when McGregor told the interviewer of his wish that the fight had gone on longer  – “let me wobble to me corner” – the fight became something more. It was a shared experience with friends that brought smiles, laughter and happiness.




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