Running… Out of excuses

So for the past couple of months I’ve had quite the list of reasons excuses why I wasn’t going out for a run:

  1. too hot…
  2. too smokey…
  3. too tired…
  4. too lazy…

But being a couch potato has done my waistline no favours, nor my overall health and happiness for that matter.

The excuses ended today and I laced up the sneakers to begin my fall training. I don’t know what that training will end up. I keep saying I want to run a half-marathon. And honestly I’m not sure that is going to happen. Boredom sets in after 10 to 12 km. And a half-marathon is 21.1 km. The math doesn’t add up.

So maybe, I’m not going to check half-marathon off my bucket list. But I can keep running distances that make me happy. And running does make me happy.

And when I stop to think about it, running really adds to my life:

  1. feeling accomplishment with every run
  2. loving the muscles that show up in my legs
  3. getting outside and seeing my world
  4. taking care of myself to enjoy a long life and lots of adventures
  5. smiling after every run

Today was a short run… But a short run is also a “run”!




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