Yummy Vegan Calzones

Yesterday was World Vegan Day, National Calzone Day and a bunch of other special days. Guess November 1 seems like a good day to celebrate.

Anyway, I figured I could combine vegan and calzone and celebrate with a tasty dinner. Only  problem is that I have NEVER successfully made pizza dough. And I mean never! It has always been an unmitigated disaster in one way or another.

But since I’ve decided to conquer my cooking fears, I looked in my favourite cookbook – Google – for a vegan calzone recipe. After looking at a few, I chose this one from The Flaming Vegan site. It looked simple enough, although the dough part was still pretty intimidating for me. Proofing yeast, rising dough, rolling out the dough… SCARY!!

The recipe author, Kristo, warned there are a few steps so plan ahead. Luckily for me, I already had pizza sauce in the freezer so I did skip that step which I’m sure reduced my stress level a few notches. I did plan out my timing ahead of time and knew when I was starting and what each step involved

Recipe Results

  1. For the first time ever, my yeast proofed properly. I’d never seen it do that. Who knew?
  2. My dough actually rose! I’m so used to lifting the tea towel after the recommended rise time and seeing the same little ball of dough sitting there mocking me. But not this time – there in my bowl was a beautiful and large piece of dough just waiting to be made into calzones.
  3. The dough was easy to work with. It didn’t tear. With flour on the counter and on the rolling pin it didn’t stick. It folded and crimped just like it was supposed to.
  4. It was good!!! After baking it was crispy, light and tasty.
  5. And the calzones were yummy. I used my own pizza sauce and added some peppers, mushrooms, spinach and green onions that I pre-cooked. And then some Field Roast Sausage and Daiya Cheese to make them extra tasty.

I’m planning to make these again. And I’m going to try this dough for pizza. The best part though is finally conquering pizza dough!

Happy World Vegan Day




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